Melting Snow and Melting Sin

Driving to work today, I was greeted by a somewhat unusual sight. Unusual, at least, according to last week. There was green grass in places that just three days early were completely covered in snow. But not all the snow was gone. Shrinking white piles still lined the outer edges of yards and
along driveways. These bright spots of snow were quite eye catching in contrast to the wet, drab green

Suddenly I found myself thinking about sin and the way it tries to “stick around.” Snow
is a really neat thing, don’t get me wrong. My kids love to play in it and it is quite pretty…but just set
aside that thought and think about the reality of sin. Sometimes it “looks good.” Sometimes it appears
harmless. But in the end, it is always overtaking. Take a moment and ponder your life. Possibly you have
recognized that sin is not something you want to invite into your life, but is there something out there
still lurking? Maybe you don’t deal with it on a day to day basis, but then something happens and you
know all too well that that sin is still on the outskirts of your life, just refusing to completely melt away.

In the end, just like the piles of snow were impossible to not see, the sin in our lives is often glaringly
evident to those around us. This is where having a trustworthy friend, accountability partner, or
reliable small group of dedicated believers is a key. All throughout the day, I have listened to people
say they would just like to see the rest of the snow go away- let it melt, be gone, and not return until
next winter. Likewise, I encourage you to take a look at yourself and determine that you want that
“lingering” sin in your life to just be gone, and then commit to your part to making that happen. The season of spring is coming. Buds will return to the trees and flowers will again bloom. This can also be a new season in your life, when God’s purpose
blooms, canceling out any chance of that “old sin” to lurk in your life.

Have questions or need help? Call the TV-44 prayer line at (419) 339-3000 or feel free to contact me, God truly does love
you and the greatest part of that is he loves you right now, just the way you are.

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