Monthly Archives: June 2014

“Daddy, Frozen is Frozen.”

“Daddy, ‘Frozen’ is Frozen.” Nathan made that statement recently from the 2nd seat of our new (used) van as he and Anna watched the famed Disney movie. One of my favorite songs in that blockbuster talks about one of the male characters being ‘a bit of a fixer-upper’  The best...
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Attention: Time Warner Customers

Time Warner is making channel positioning changes that affect WTLW. If you are a subscriber with a digital box, WTLW can still be viewed on Channel 4. However, if you receive service directly from a cable into your digital cable-ready TV set, WTLW can no longer be viewed on Channel...
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3 Things to Do When Change is Coming

It’s a time of transition for many in my life. Some are changing jobs while others are changing addresses. Many friends are graduating high school while others are finishing up college. It’s that season in life for so many. Me too, in a small way.  Thinking about this being my...
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