4 Valid Reasons to Go See Beyond the Mask

When April 6 rolled around, and the movie, Beyond the Mask, hit the big screen as a record breaking on-demand theatrical screening film, I spoke with several who purchased tickets as “a way to support.”

Sadly, but understandably, they weren’t going because they anticipated a quality film. They were going as a way to stand behind Christian filmmaking and support the Burns Family Studios.
And then the movie began. There was action. There was intrigue. Romance. History. And a smoothly moving plot. Suddenly their opinions changed; yes they were still at this movie as a way to support but they were also being entertained, educated, and encouraged.

In short, this film, they discovered, was really good.

It’s unfortunate that Christian film making is too often connected with low budget, low level expectations, but Burns Family Studio is knocking that stereotype out of the water almost as quickly as Will Reynolds and Charlotte Holloway make their escape from the bad guys.

Yes, Beyond the Mask has bad guys. And good guys. Bad guys turned good. And thankfully no good guys turned bad. Because while this historic, action adventure keeps the plot moving regularly, includes plenty of explosive action, and weaves a script that caters to deep analytical thinkers, it’s the strong message that causes this movie to stand apart from other action adventure films. We cannot work our way to salvation, but in accepting it, God can not only forgive us and make us new, but use us for Him in amazing ways.

You might want to go see Beyond the Mask because you want to support Christian film making on the big screen. That’s a good reason.

You might want to go see Beyond the Mask because you have a connection with one of the hundreds of volunteers who came together to make this project reality. That’s another good reason.
Maybe you want to go see Beyond the Mask because you like history, and you like adventure too. That’s one more good reason.

Or maybe you want to go see Beyond the Mask because you simply need a night out with someone special in your life and you want a God honoring option that still has strong entertainment value and a great plot.

That’s a great reason to go see Beyond the Mask starting June 5 in select theaters nationwide. Locally, catch the movie in Kenton, OH or Ft. Wayne, IN and spread the word. Why not do our part to help keep a quality movie in the theaters as long as possible?

Who knows how your purchase of a ticket could help bring someone else into the theater, a someone who will walk in for an adventure movie and walk out, wanting to know more about a lifelong relationship with Jesus Christ.

Find out more about this movie and theater locations here: Beyond the Mask 4

Jennifer Beck is co host and producer of the television show, Faith and Friends, seen weekly on WTLW TV-44 in northwest Ohio. For more information visit wtlw.com or contact Jennifer directly at faithandfriends@wtlw.com.