Everyone in the World Is….

I pulled up to the stoplight at Eastown Rd. and Elm St. in the FCA/F.A.S.T car and glanced out my window to the car to my left.  A man in his 50’s nonchalantly looked over me at gave me a thumb’s up.  The light changed and we both drove off.

My guess is the thumbs up was for FCA, since that was marked on the side of the car.  Or perhaps he was a ‘Sports Report’ fan and wanted to let me know his approval.

Either way, I felt really encouraged by this simple, random gesture from a guy I didn’t know.


That’s something that society is lacking, isn’t it?

I am reading an FCA daily devotional book right now called, “Heart of an Athlete.”

There was a quote a couple of days ago that really hit home.  The author had a friend that said, “Everyone in the world is under-encouraged.”

Interesting.  But, so true.  Even though encouragement can take as little as 3 seconds at a stoplight, we still don’t do a whole lot of encouraging.

Proverbs 12:18 says, ‘the tongue of the wise brings healing.”

Who can you encourage today?  Who can you bring healing to?  It might just be as simple as a thumbs up.