Faith Crisis

I had dinner with a college athlete tonight.  As with anyone that I talk, to I asked him about his story.  What has his journey with God been like?

He talked about growing up in a Christian home overseas, and going to church every week.
I found myself nodding with each detail.  It was a story many of us can relate to, and then he used the term ‘crisis of faith’.  I don’t know if I’ve ever heard that term, but I knew exactly what he meant.
As I talk with Christians about their faith journey, it seems most fall into one of two camps.  Either we were raised in church, and had to make the faith our own, or we found faith later in life (as a teenager or college student, or adult) because of an outside influence.
But every story has, as my friend described it, a ‘crisis of faith.’
We see similar accounts all throughout Acts, when people are confronted with the choice to become followers of Jesus, or to continue living their own life, their own way, without God.
It’s powerful to see Peter tell the crowd in Acts 2:38 to “repent and be baptized’, and for thousands to do just that, when they decide to follow Jesus.
Things haven’t changed today.  We all experience these ‘crisis’ of faith’ in our lives that serve as benchmarks.  They are times and places that we can point to and say, ‘That’s when I turned my life over to Jesus and really began to follow Him.  That’s the day that I truly repented of my sinful life and made Jesus my Lord as well as my Savior.”
Faith is a journey, but it is a road marked with defined decisions.
I encourage you to think about that pivotal moment in your life.  Reflect on it.  Who were you with?  How did it feel?  What did it take for God to finally break through?  What was it like to be plunged into the waters of baptism and come out new?
I remember my moment.  I was in the ‘raised in the church’ crowd.  I made Jesus my Savior at the age of 5 and He was my best friend all throughout school.  In college, I was confronted with that ‘crisis of faith.’  For the first time, I was hearing that people didn’t believe Jesus was real, or that the Bible was true.  I spent many months praying and seeking, to see if this faith of my parents was my faith as well.  I was sitting in a Chicago church service with my brother the summer of 1998 and that’s when God confirmed all that I had hoped.  He was real.  He did have a plan for my life.  He wanted to use this awkward kid to help others in their faith journey.   I was baptized the next summer and remember feeling like a new creation when I was lifted from the waters of a friends pool.
What’s your story?  When did your crisis of faith take place?  Have you been baptized?
I’d love to hear all about it.  Or, if you haven’t had that benchmark moment, maybe the time is now.  I’d love to help walk that road with you.  Email me back and lets make this a day, we will always remember.