How Big is God?

We live in turbulent times.  That’s what it feels like doesn’t it?  Yet, as I have just finished reading the Old Testament book of Job, I am reminded that history is filled with times just like these.
Job is a fascinating book.  I’ve never read through it before, but I’m glad I did.  It contains a challenge from Satan to God.  God allows Satan to test his servant Job because God believes in him; that he will never waver in His faithfulness.
Interesting that God still gives Satan parameters as to what and how Job can be tested.   Also interesting is the final act of this play.
Job and his friends send a number of accusations and theories God’s way as to why Job is facing trials and turmoil.  God stays silent.  That is, until Chapter 40.  I encourage you to go read it yourself, but here are a couple highlights.
“Do you still want to argue with the Almighty?  You are God’s critic, but do you have the answers?” (40:2)
“Are you as strong as God?  Can you thunder with a voice like His?” (40:9)
“Who has given me anything that I need to pay back? Everything under heaven is mine.”  (41:11)
Look at Job’s response.  This has become a passage that I have kept going back to the last two days and will continue to, for my lifetime.  It’s so powerful and relevant to my life.
“Then Job replied to the Lord:  I know that you can do anything, and no one can stop you.”  (42:2)
“I had only heard of you before, but now I have seen you with my own eyes.  I take back everything I said, and I sit in dust and ashes to show my repentance.” (42:5-6)
My friends,  Job 42 needs to be our mindset for this life.  Our God can do anything!  No one can stop Him!! It’s our job to sit at His feet and repent of all our selfish ways and desires and give everything over to Him.  It begins with each one of us.  He is a wonderful and HUGE God.  But He doesn’t want wishy-washy followers who are trusting when times are good, but question when they aren’t.  He wants us to trust Him with the very core of our being, and truly follow.  That’s my personal challenge from Him, from here on out.  Will you accept it as well?
I love you my friends.  Rest in His love and embrace.