Life’s Purpose

My family and I capped off a 3 1/2 week time together by watching ‘A Dog’s Purpose’ tonight. The main character, a dog, concluded the movie saying something to the effect of, ‘A Dog’s purpose is to just be there.”

Funny how movies sometimes imitate real life.  I found the same message to be true over our family travels.
A Dad’s job is to be there.
We got in the van July 14th and made stops in Indianapolis and Jeffersonville in Indiana. Then we drove through Illinois, Missouri, most of Arkansas and Texas, visiting friends and family along the way.
The kids did a marvelous job mixing movies and make-believe in the back seat while my wife and I enjoyed silence at times (thanks to the kids headphones) and laughter other times.  We had deep talks and not-so-deep ones as well.
We made surprise visits to an Astros game, a beach, and San Antonio to celebrate my Dad’s soon-to-be 70th birthday.
And in that whole journey I had one major goal.  To be present.  I still failed on some occasions but overall I feel like I did a pretty good job and it felt so rewarding.
That may be the biggest thing our smart phones have taken from us, don’t you think?  Many of us have lost the ability to be present with our friends, our co-workers and our kids.
So I made a concerted effort to be present and engaged and you know what happened? Everyone was happier.
When I am glued to my phone, I am stressed or focused and so my family becomes more stressed and frustrated as well.  Ungluing from technology was incredible and freeing and fun!
Isn’t that one thing we admire about Jesus?  He was present with all that were around Him.
Now we return to Lima and to the busiest season of the year.  It’s my goal to take the lessons I have learned from the road and figure out a way to be present amidst the chaos.
I know my family, and my friends, and perhaps even my viewers will thank me for it.