Lost, Loved, or a Lighthouse?


“Lost in Middle America.”

That’s what some have said “Lima, Ohio” stands for.  My pastor, Doug Boquist corrects people.  He’s been here in Lima for nearly two years and says we need to make it, ‘Loved in Middle America.’

I like that.  It’s our choice what we make of our surroundings.  We can play into the ‘lost’ moniker and commiserate together about the downfalls of this town, or any town.  Or, we can choose to love.

Every Thursday, I have the honor of sitting with Pastors from our area at the Lima YMCA to pray.  We pray for one another.  We pray for our churches and ministries.  We pray for our area.

Each week is different, yet each week is so encouraging.

Today, one man in the group talked about what Billy Sunday once called Lima.

Sunday was a speedy professional baseball player that became an evangelist after he retired from the game. Read more about his life here: http://applesofgold.earnestlycontending.com/2009/05/20/billy-sunday/

Sunday visited Lima in February, 1911.  He stayed for 6 weeks, building a wooden tabernacle just across the river from where the new YMCA sits.  During that dreary winter stretch, over 5700 people decided to follow Jesus because of his preaching.  Perhaps you know someone who was changed because of Sunday.  Maybe your Grandma or your Uncle attended a service and gave her or his life to Christ.  Billy Sunday made an impact wherever he went, because he followed God’s leading.

Do you know what he said L.I.M.A. stood for?

My friend Bill told us while we were praying

‘Lighthouse for Middle America.’

What does a lighthouse do?  It guides ships safely to the shore.  It gives direction for where the captain needs to go.  It assures weary travelers that home is close by.  It tells anyone within sight, that they are not alone.

One century has passed since Sunday called Lima a lighthouse.

Maybe now is the time he was speaking about.  Perhaps now is the time that Lima truly is a lighthouse.  Let’s guide people to their Captain and assure weary travelers on the road of life that they are not alone.

Let’s show them Jesus who so boldly proclaimed, ““I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life”  (John 8:12)