Yesterday, my wife and I celebrated our 10 year wedding anniversary.  It was a great day to spend together and reflect on ten years of life with one another.

But I also found myself reflecting not on our amazing 10 years together, blessing of marriage. So many years growing up, I longed to be married for an assortment of reasons. But I never really understood what marriage is until we began this journey in 2006. It can be so joyous and also so hard. There are highs and their are lows. Yet the promise we made 10 years ago, says we will go thru it all together. And we have. Leah has always stood by my side, no matter what. When I didn’t deserve it, she forgave me and was there with me to work through it. Marriage isn’t easy. But it’s amazing.  It takes two people, relying on God, and lots of ‘I’m sorry’s”

It’s no wonder God uses marriage to show us how much He loves us. How faithful He is to us. And how in the very hardest times in life, He doesn’t leave our side. He wants to work through it all with us.

So through this, I want to encourage you in your relationship.  Whether you’re married, or dating, or single, this applies.  How can us guys love more?  As couples, how can we seek God’s face and follow His footsteps, together?  For anyone who is single, how can you prepare for a future spouse, by getting closer to God now?  Maybe this single period of life is a gift, where you can grow closer to God because He is all you have?

The Creator of Marriage wants the very best for your marriage.  Take to Him the things that aren’t working.  Let Him heal you.