Operation Christmas Child Packing Party at Union Chapel Missionary Church


What does the number 12 thousand, 800 mean to you? How about adding a personal connection to that number? 12 thousand 800 people –  lives -potentially about to be changed, each due to a simple shoebox.

November, all across the country, means Operation Christmas Child shoebox collection time, and in Allen County, the 2017 goal is 12 thousand 800 boxes.

Hundreds of churches, families, and individuals are taking part, and there’s one area church that’s been working on their shoebox project all year. Union Chapel.

Pastor Mark Bayliff is pastor of Union Chapel Missionary Church. He says, the church members divided the needs of the boxes into 12 individual months. Each month, church members would bring a specific item, like school supplies, or toothbrushes. One month was designated to donate the money needed for the shipping costs.

That 12 months of planning culminated into one night of high energy packing. The entire gymnasium was  filled with everything from the wow toys to t-shirts items; but something much more than just material items: dozens of people participating in the act of giving back, giving out, helping someone who has a need by packing simple items into shoeboxes.

Tucker was one of the many kids who took part in the packing party. He said the idea of giving to kids who don’t get gifts inspired him to be involved.

Mikaya enjoyed realizing she was making the life better for someone her own age.

Ella spent part of her evening writing a letter to her shoebox recipient, and looks forward to receiving a response.

Toys, soap, school supplies, personal letters, all filled box after box. But one more very important item was packed inside each box: prayer.  

“We can pack the boxes and send them off,” said Union Chapel OCC Event Coordinator, Jamie Horn, “but only God can connect the right child to the right box and we pray for that very thing to happen.”

To the members of Union Chapel, prayer was so important, that several times the packing routine came to a halt. The entire group gathered together in prayer, asking God’s blessing, guidance, and influence on those who would receive these gifts.

Union Chapel’s shoebox goal this year was 1000 boxes. That’s one thousand children, in line to receive special gifts, including the opportunity to accept the gift of eternal life.

TV-44 will be open during National Collection Week for your shoebox donations.


Collection hours at 1844 Baty Rd., Lima, OH are as follows:

Monday, Nov. 13: 11am-5pm

Tuesday, Nov. 14: 11am-7pm

Wednesday, Nov. 15: 11am-5pm

Thursday, Nov. 16: 11am-7pm

Friday, Nov. 17: 11am-5pm

Saturday, Nov. 18: 10am-1pm

Sunday, Nov. 19: 1pm-5pm


For more information, call 419-339-4444 or visit wtlw.com.