Points of Life – a Verse

Sometimes, the simplest verse can mean the most.  I read Colossians 4:2 this morning and just stopped.
Devote yourselves to prayer with an alert mind and a thankful heart.”

This month, the TV-44 Spiritual workout involves spending time with God and so prayer and solitude has been on my mind.  Sometimes, I struggle to be still with God.  I am either going somewhere or planning to go somewhere and I just don’t stop.  I try and make the most of every moment which can be really good in many cases, but when it limits time being still with God, it is a negative.  How quickly do I forget the very basics of our faith.  Colossians 4:2 gives such a beautiful picture of how to live life with God.  Three words jump out at me.




Am I devoted to prayer or do I just pray when people ask?

Am I alert when I am praying or do I drift?

Am I thankful or am I pleading and demanding?

I hope this verse encourages your conversation with God as much as it is encouraging me.