Points of Life – Free Will

It’s been a crazy week in the Lynch household.  Both cars were out of service for various hours on Wednesday making life challenging, but we made it through.  Then on Tuesday, we had to console a sobbing six-year-old when the Reds game was postponed before it even began.  You see, this was his surprise birthday gift for me, and he had kept it a secret for weeks.  Those moments are part of what make parenting so heart-wrenching.  Inconsolable weeping.  I sat on the ground at Great American Ballpark in Cincinnati and just held my son as he let out all these difficult emotions.
But I remembered back to just a day before.  The wisdom that had come from that very same mouth.
“I’m so glad I am a part of this family.”
Unprovoked.  Nathan’s adoption had not been a topic of conversation that day, but it had been the day before.
We got to go see his birth mother graduate from college, and we also met his birth father for the very first time.  It was amazing! We spent an hour with members of the extended family.  They got to see a 6-year-old who they hadn’t see since he was six months old.  The interaction was special and something none of us will ever forget.
Nathan was thinking about that.  He loved the graduation party and enjoyed being with all those people who care so deeply for him.  But, he was also comprehending what it meant to be a part of our family, what the amazing gift of adoption had meant to his life.
And so, without us asking, he wanted to share how much he loves us.  How much he enjoys being with us.
Our heavenly Father allows us to do the same thing.
Just like Nathan, we are adopted into the Kingdom of God.
And, as children of the King, we can choose to just reap the benefits, or we can engage with the one who chose us and say, ‘Thank You.”
We can drop to our knees next to our bed and revel in how good He is to us, and we can celebrate all the times He has come to our rescue.
He doesn’t make us do any of that.
It’s our choice.
And when we do that, I can’t help but believe that His reaction will be similar to mine on that Monday when Nathan shared his heart.
I love you son.  And I’m so glad you are a part of our family too.