Points of Life is back (finally)


“Where are you?”
That’s a pretty common question right?  Whether you’re trying to help someone who is lost or if I’m trying to find my hiding kids, we use those three words rather often.  It’s not fun to be in a state of confusion, but it’s great when we are found.
Did you realize that “Where are you?” is the first question God asks in the Bible?
I didn’t until Jonathan Burkey told us that at church this week.
That simple question occurred right after Adam and Eve had eaten the fruit that God told them not to eat in Genesis 3:9.
And ever since, I believe that the Creator of the earth has been asking that same question to each of us.
He doesn’t ask because He doesn’t know where we are.
He asks, because He wonders why we are there.
When I am focused on my own plan for life:  “Andy, where are you?”
When I am consumed with something that really doesn’t matter”  “Andy, where are you?”
When I am reveling in the glory of a job well done:  “Andy, where are you?”
When I am lamenting a personal failure.  “Andy, where are you?”
I believe He asks these questions to everyone, to initiate that relationship that He desires with us.  But once we are following Jesus, I feel like He continues to ask, because we need reminded there is a better way.
A way where joy can overcome gloom and doom and peace will prevail over fear.
When my Father asks “Andy, where are you?” I hear Him saying, “Come over here and be with me for awhile.  I have it all figured out.  Trust me.  I will walk with you to the next destination.  I will provide all you need”
He’s asking you too.  “Where are you?”