Points of Life – Laundry

When you have kids swim lessons, a family of four, and a 5-year old daughter who changes wardrobes three times per day, the laundry pile tends to build up pretty quickly.  I was reflecting on that reality last month as I was doing a load of reds.  By the end of the day, I had finally caught up – all the laundry was done and put safely back in the correct drawers of the correct rooms.  Then the next day came, and with it, another pile of laundry that seemed like a week’s worth.

One thought came to mind, relating laundry to our relationship with Jesus.
“If I don’t talk to God regularly (Prayer), and don’t listen to Him regularly (being still to listen and reading the Bible), my burden becomes heavier and it’s easier to get overwhelmed and frustrated in a quick manner.”  Same applies for letting the laundry stack up.
There are more positive effects to both.  It just feels better to be clean.  Jesus washes us cleaner than the soap in my washer, and time with Him allows me to see the sin (selfishness) in my life that needs confessed, repented of, and forgiven.  And there’s a human sense of accomplishment that comes with both as well.  A neat and stacked pile of laundry tells us we have been productive with our time.  A dedicated time with our Lord and Savior puts out hearts and minds in a better position to live our lives and win the day.  It’s not about checking a box off a list of to-do’s; It’s about spending time with our Creator, the One who knows us, and loves us more than anyone on this planet.
So one of my goals for 2017?  Keep on top of the laundry.  And, as I load and unload, fold, stack, and put away, I’ll be listening for my Lord to move in my Heart, the things He would like me to do today.  I will thank Him for loving me and equipping me for battle.
I don’t know about you, but I’ve got some laundry to do, and I’m excited to do it.