Points of Life – Making Faith our own

I’ve been enthralled with the story from John 4 about Jesus encounter with the woman at the well.  There is so much to that story that hits us as we walk through different points of our life.

*Jesus got tired just like we do. (v6)

*Jesus got thirsty like we do. (v7)

*We have the same thirsts in us that people had in them thousands of years before

*We look or the quick fix when we can get it (v15)

*Jesus offers the only thing that can truly quench our deepest thirst (v13-14)

Of late, I have been honing in on the end of the story.  The woman has left Jesus, and her bucket that she brought to get the water from the well in the first place, and made her way back to town to tell the men about this Jesus who knew her, and everything she had ever done.

The men come to Jesus and invite him to stay with them for two days.  He does and look what they tell the woman.  “It is no longer because of what you (the woman) said that we believe, for we have heard for ourselves and know that this One is indeed the Savior of the world.”

Our job, like the woman, is to tell people about the encounters we have had with Jesus.  But those people then, need to have their own encounter with the Savior.

TV-44 does this in so many ways.  We are in the community, at games, at concerts, showing Jesus love to those we interact with.

We are in living rooms 24 hours per day, bringing spiritually uplifting teaching and programming that gives thousands of people the opportunity to encounter Jesus.

He is the one that changes hearts.  We are thankful to be able to be like the woman, and tell everyone we know about the Man who knows everything we have ever done, and loves us just the same.