Points of Life – Pathways

I like to read the Bible first thing in the morning and then tweet a verse that impacts me (and thus, may have an impact on one of my followers).  On Monday I posted two verses from Psalms that hit home and then noticed that WCSM radio had tweeted during the time between my two posts.  They were alerting their followers to an accident and road closure.
I looked at the three tweets in a row and realized that the Bible serves us the same way that radio station was serving its listening area.  Reading the Bible prepares us for possible pitfalls we may face.  It gets our hearts ready for the aches and the struggles to come, while also helping us navigate our current hardships.  God has given us a road map so we know which road has dangers and peril and which path is the one He is leading us on, and directing us through.
From a very early age, I was taught Psalm 119:105.  The fact Amy Grant had recorded a song with these very same lyrics helped me remember it.
“Thy Word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path.”
That promise means so much to me because it reminds me where to keep my focus when I am struggling, and where to look for direction when I am lacking.  But just a few verses later, we dive deeper into what it means to be in the Word on a regular basis.
Verse 108 begins, “Lord, accept my offering of praise, and teach me your regulations.

My life constantly hangs in the balance, but I will not stop obeying your instructions.

The wicked have set their traps for me, but I will not turn from your commandments.

Your laws are my treasure; they are my heart’s delight.

I am determined to keep your decrees to the very end.”

This motivates me to pick up my Bible every morning as the first thing I do.  I need to know which way I should go for that day.  I need to check God’s timeline for my life, and see if He shows me any paths to avoid, that I may not have been aware of, or thinking about.  Sometimes, we truly don’t know possible pitfall but other times we simply need reminded.

What path do you have a question about?  I bet He can help light a lamp that will show you His way.  His truth.  His life.