Points of Life – Prayer

It’s National Day of Prayer today – of course we should be praying everyday, all day (pray without ceasing the Scriptures say) – but there is something powerful about uniting as a nation to pray.  You can watch the Allen County National Day of Prayer at noon on TV-44 and WTLW.com
There is so much to prayer, but one word has come to mind recently as I have reflected on prayer:  Surrender.
Prayer is Surrender.
We surrender our hurts, to a God who heals.
We surrender our fear, to a God who is love.  And love drives our fear.
We surrender our anxiety, to a God who cares for us, and wants to lift us up.
We share all the things that are rattling around inside our own minds, and He gives us assurance that He is still in control, and cares deeply for our future.
We give up control of situations we don’t really have control of, but we think we do.
We surrender the worries we have for loved ones that are sick, or in trouble, or choosing the ‘pleasures’ of this life over the joy that God gives.
We admit that we are weary and allow Him to give us rest.
We say ‘Amen’ and feel relived because we have encountered the God of the universe and our hearts have been changed.
Prayer is surrender.  What do you need to let go of today?