Points of Life – Taking your place

It was a precious picture.  My son was sitting on the steps, ‘taking a break,’ because of something he did.  He was being punished for something he did. His younger sister Anna couldn’t stand it.  She rose to her feet, looked at me and smiled.  “I’ll take his place.”

She walked over and sat next to Nathan on the step, willing to serve his punishment so he could get up and play.
I was so proud of her heart and overwhelmed by the parallel. This is what Jesus has done for us, voluntarily taking our sins, even though we are guilty and He is not.  The relationship with her brother meant more to Anna than the consequences of his disobedience.  God’s relationship with us mattered more than Jesus comfort.
But the story in our house didn’t end there.
Nathan said no.
For whatever reason, he wouldn’t allow Anna to serve time for his crime.  He just sat there.  So did she, pleading with him to let her take it.
How many times have we been like my son?
“No Jesus, I won’t let you take my place.  What I did was too bad.  I did it again.  I knew I was following my own path and not yours.  I don’t deserve your forgiveness.  Let me take the punishment.”
It’s up to us to receive it.  Jesus offers grace freely but if we don’t allow His forgiveness to wash over us and take root in our lives, then we aren’t really getting it, are we?
Anna wouldn’t quit.  She stayed right next to Nathan. God won’t quit on you either. He’s waiting for you to let Him take your place.  Will you surrender?