Points of Life – the Indy 500

It was such a clear picture of humanity.

Hundreds of thousands of people looking for something.



At the very least a thrill.

The 100th running of the Indianapolis 500 lived up to its billing as ‘The greatest spectacle in racing,’ on Sunday. It was a perfect day to celebrate our country, our soldiers and the freedoms we currently experience as Americans.

But there was such a clear picture of eternity inside the Brickyard’s gates as well.

Fences surrounded the rows of garages that housed the 33 race cars.  There were two or three openings where people with passes could get in, but anyone without a pass was left out.  Some folks passed by without even giving thought to entering the garage area to view the teams hard at work, or perhaps get a glimpse of their favorite driver.

Others literally were hanging on the fence, wishing more than anything, that they could get in.  But they didn’t have a pass.

As I talk with people about Heaven, similar story lines surface.

Some folks just walk on by, unconcerned about what comes next.  They just want to live for the moment and those moments, many times, involve making themselves feel better (Trust me, I’ve been there).

Then there’s the group that is so close. They are so interested in spiritual things, looking for fulfillment in the ‘religious’ or even the ‘supernatural’, but missing out on Jesus.

He gives us the pass to walk through that gate unquestioned.

All the security guards needed to see was my pass and then I was free to explore the garage area and talk with crew members and drivers.

When we die, all we will need is to be sealed by the Holy Spirit, with our names written in the book of life.

That doesn’t happen by just walking by with our mind focused on ourselves.  That doesn’t occur by being on the fence about Jesus or being religious and interested in supernatural things.

It happens because we know our Shepherd’s voice and he knows us. It’s a relationship between the Shepherd and His sheep. We know His voice because we take time to be still and listen (knowing He is God).  We live daily with Him by reading His Word and talking to Him through prayer.

And we realize that everything that matters in our lives depends on Him.  He is the gate.

“Yes, I am the gate. Those who come in through me will be saved. They will come and go freely and will find good pastures.” John 10:9