Points of Life – Working on your Birthday

Believe it or not, I wasn’t looking forward to my birthday this week.

It’s not cause I’m nearly 40 (I am).
It isn’t because I would be alone and have no one who cares for me (Thank you to everyone who showed love!)
It definitely wasn’t because I would spend the day thinking of regrets from the past year and questioning my purpose (Been there, done that.  It does no good to dwell. Simply learn from it and move forward.)
I wasn’t looking forward to May the 10th, 2017 because my schedule was packed and, in my mind, I wouldn’t be able to ‘enjoy’ my birthday.
That’s something I have heard a lot, recently.  People take their birthday off to relax and have fun. “It’s my birthday and I deserve to have it off,” we reason.
That was my thought process too, especially with a 4:40am wake-up alarm looming.
But you know what?  I’m glad I didn’t take off.
Because God blessed me with an amazing day with amazing people that I love.
I spent the first hour of my day driving in silence, thinking of where God has brought me in 12 years in Lima and 38 years of life.
I kept saying ‘thank you God.’
Then I spent the next hour with 11 amazing Coaches that I have met with on a monthly basis the last 3 school years.  These are men that are growing in their faith and encouraging one another to Coach with an eternal purpose.
More prayers of thanks offered up on the drive back from New Bremen.
Then I spent the rest of my Wednesday morning like I do most Wednesdays throughout the year; with my TV-44 family.  We laughed.  We joked.  We discussed our lives, both on camera and off.  We taped Faith and Friends for the upcoming week and thanked our viewers for putting us over our $70,000 campaign goal in ‘Spring to Life.”
More prayers of thanks.
During the afternoon, I listened to my wife Leah wrap up a prayer time with a women’s group she leads online and then spent time with her, so grateful that 12 years ago today (yes, on my birthday), I asked her to be my wife at 4:00 in the morning, in the middle of a cornfield.
So incredibly thankful (she said yes!).
Then after picking up my two sweet kids from school, I had the chance to broadcast a high school softball game and encourage two communities that haven’t had a lot of historical success in softball, but are having wonderful years in 2017.
And I got to do it with a friend of more than a decade, Mark Kunz.
So thankful for the journey.
Then I capped off my night, arriving home to the smell of freshly baked peanut butter-chocolate-smores-dessert pizza.  There were laughs and hugs and bedtime prayers.
Of thanks.
This was a birthday well spent. I got to be with so many people who are running with purpose toward the same Savior I am. I got to marvel at the way He works.  And I got to live out 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18.
“Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you”   
So to you, I say thanks.  And I encourage you, even if you find yourself working on your birthday, keep your eyes open to see all that God is doing in your life!