State Swimming Giants

Division 1 high school swimming intimidates me. Many of the coaches look like they just stepped out of an Armani store and these teenage athletes look like they could tear me in two.

Each year that I cover the state swim meet, I am taken back at how different division 1 and division 2 swimmers look to me.

But as I analyze the numbers, there isn’t much of a difference.

I’m serious.

On average at the 2014 state championships,  the division 2 champion’s time was only 2 spots slower than the Division 1 times. In a couple cases, including the 50 where Shawnee grad Emily Murphy took home the gold, the division 2 swimmer was faster than any of the division 1 swimmers.

The fact that division 2 swimmers can come close amazes me, simply because of the numbers.

Division 1 schools have so many more students to draw from, and many of the swimmers that make it to Canton are part of year-round swimming clubs.  Division 2 swimmers that have to wake up at 5 in the morning, during the season,  just to get time at their local YMCA have the odds stacked against them.

Do you ever feel that way?  Are there times when you feel like everyone is against you, and there really isn’t any hope for success?

God has some encouragement for you.  He is on your side.

David knew this.  Despite having all odds stacked against him, this young boy went into battle against a giant.

David didn’t have armor or the latest battle weaponry.

Just a sling and a stone.

Oh, and the God of the universe.  The Creator of all things.  The Alpha and the Omega- the beginning and the end.

When I’m intimated by those division 1 swimmers, or financial difficulties, or an unknown future, I need to stop looking at those giants and take a trip down to the stream, just like David did.  I need to kneel before my Father as the cool water washes over my sweaty palms.  I need to thank Him for already providing victory as I scoop up the rocks.  It is then that I am ready to let Him win the battle.

Will you let Him defeat the giants of your life?  It starts by submitting those fears and troubles to Him.  Then it is a moment by moment process of letting them go and trusting in Him.