Taxes and Marriage

Because of various issues (nothing bad) my husband and I are facing higher taxes due than expected, so I decided to try and see if it would save us money to file separately, carefully splitting the deductions in ways that could provide the most benefit. My tax program even recommended it as a likely helpful option. In the end, our tax bill would have been $500 more filing separately than with filing jointly- so we’re not doing that! While I realize there are financial reasons why a couple might end up filing separately (and this post is not about those) I felt like God was sending me a message at the end of my “married filing separately” attempt. My husband and I are better together. You and your spouse are better together. God designed us to go through the good, the bad, the money struggles, the family trials, and the every day humdrums (and celebrations) together. That is the design. Its not possible to split up our assets and “win” in the end because they (and we) are suppose to be joined. I share that with you today as an encouragement for you to pray for your marriage, both in good times and bad, and believe, that in the end, you truly are better and more successful together with your spouse.  – Jennifer