The Power of a Story

On Wednesday, four high school students boldly stood before hundreds of their peers and their parents and shared how God has made a difference in their lives.  I, like many in attendance, were enthralled by the tales.  A recent college graduate and 2nd-year high school teacher and coach, challenged students by sharing his own journey of faith.

After an hour of stories, hundreds of students left their seats and walked across Harmon Field in Wapakoneta, each step representing a step they were taking to get closer to God.  Stories shaped by the Spirit of God led to action.
Jesus knew the power of stories.  He compared faith to farming and the Kingdom of God to a wedding.  He spoke of shepherds and shrewd managers, bankers and builders.  When there was a life situation that Jesus could use to illustrate a Kingdom principle, He did it.  46 different parables are recorded in the Gospels.  Jesus loved stories.
We do too, don’t we?  We binge-watch series on Netflix and pay way too much to go to a movie. We love loading family and friends in the back of the van to go to the drive-in during the summer. We love the comfy confines of a family movie night on the couch in the fall.
Stories change us.  They show us truths about ourselves that we may not realize on our own. They tug at our heartstrings and give us life and motivation to be better versions of ourselves.
Stories give us hope and inspire us to change.
So what’s your story?  Who can you share it with this week?  If it’s hard to share because of the hurt and pain that it caused, then I can promise you it will help someone going through a very similar trial right now.
You can start with me.  I love a good story.  I love a story laced with lots of pain and hardship and strife.  I love a story that ends with a Savior, a rescuer, a hero.  Maybe that part of your story hasn’t happened yet.  Maybe telling your story can help bring it to fruition.
Would you tell me a story?  Your story?