This Christmas Season Be Looking For The…..

“Pete and Repeat were on a boat.  Pete fell off.  Who’s left in the boat?  Repeat.”

“Pete and Repeat were on a boat.  Pete fell off.  Who’s left in the boat?


You’ve probably heard that never-ending joke, or been on the never-ending end of it, lost in a pattern with no way to escape.  I was having fun telling that joke to my son Nathan.  But then, my 5-year-old turned the tables on me.

“Pete and Repeat were in a boat.  Pete fell out.  Who’s left?”

Nathan smiled and said, “Repeat, Dilly and Dan.”

“What?  Who is Dilly and Dan?” I asked.

“Say it with me,” he said in his best teacher voice.  “Say Da – IL- EE.”

On the 3rd rendition of a joke that I could never find my way out, my son had solved the riddle.  Just add more characters to the boat.  Of course!  Why hadn’t I ever seen it that way before?

The same thought occurred to me Sunday at church as our Pastor shined a new light on the birth of Jesus.

He said it was an “A-HA” moment for him, after 30 years of preaching the Christmas story.

For Leah and I, it was yet another confirmation of God’s love for us, and our family.

Pastor Doug paused near the end of his message and dropped a bombshell….something we had never considered.

“Jesus was adopted.”

Waves of emotion came over us as we realized that our son and daughter have an even more intimate connection to our Savior, sharing that same title.  Adopted.  Chosen.

Why was Jesus adopted?  He had to be in order to be a part of the line of David as the Old Testament prophecy had foretold.  And Joseph had to make the choice to say he wanted to be Jesus’ dad.

How do we know Joseph adopted Jesus?  Simple.  He named Him.  Just like we picked out the name Nathan Andrés for our firstborn and Anna Grace for our princess, Joseph named him Jesus, (Matthew 1:25) just like the angel had said.  Check out more on this in the sermon from December 14.

This Christmas season, be looking for the unexpected.  God wants to reveal something new and fresh to you in your spiritual journey.  I pray this Christmas is not just a repeat if you have fallen into a routine of the same-ol, same-ol.