What are your New Years Resolutions?

I had the amazing privilege to baptize my 6-year-old son on Christmas afternoon.  Just like the folks listening to Peter in Acts 2, Nathan was ‘cut to the heart’ and wanted to ‘repent and be baptized’ , just like Peter told the crowd.

We talked through what it meant to be baptized and what kind of a commitment it takes to follow Jesus on a daily basis.  I’m so proud of his maturity and yet more in awe of the ‘faith of a child’ he exemplified, that Jesus talked about in Matthew 18.
At one point that Christmas afternoon, I told Nathan that his baptism picture had received 56 ‘likes’ on Facebook.  He responded with a very serious question.
“Why hasn’t everyone liked it?”
He wasn’t trying to be funny and certainly didn’t care about the glory of ‘number of likes’, like many of us do.
He was serious.  Why wouldn’t the whole world celebrate when a boy decides to repent of his sins, be baptized and follow Jesus?  The Bible says Heaven celebrates.  Shouldn’t everyone?
I feel so blessed to work for TV-44 and FCA where one of my main responsibilities is simply to love people.
If you’re a follower of Jesus, your boss gives you the same charge.
Join me in 2016 to make a resolution to love others.  Then maybe we will see more parties in Heaven and lives changed for eternity.