Points of Life – Merry Christmas

I have always loved the music and the lights that we hear and see around Christmas.  A recent trip to the San Antonio Zoo lights reminded me why.
Number 1, it was warm.  Most ‘zoo lights’ we experience here in the North are in temperatures around or below freezing.  Cold and dark are too of my least favorite conditions.
Number 2, it wasn’t about the animals.  There were a handful that were lit up under the night sky, but the vast majority of people who made their way to the zoo, were there to see the lights and to make s’mores and experience the festivities.
As we walked through the lit up pathways on a 60 degree night, the lights reminded me about the verse in Matthew 5:14“You are the light of the world. A town built on a hill cannot be hidden.”
Most of the animals at the zoo were hidden by the darkness.  But a few weren’t and we were drawn to them, because they had a light shining on them.  Even if we didn’t know what we were looking for, we were drawn to the light, to see what may be sitting behind the glass.
As followers of Jesus, we have God’s light shining through us.  Are we allowing the world to see Him?  Or are we hiding that light, and depriving people of the true joy and hope of Christmas?
Merry Christmas my Friends! Thanks for walking this road, called life, with me.  We are on this journey together!