Points of Life — Miracles

I witnessed a miracle this week.
Amidst all the anger and fear and doomsday predictions we were deluged with during the Presidential campaign, hope shined through on a simple November day at Sea World San Antonio.
No matter where I would turn on the radio, TV news, or the internet, I would see people posting how our country was no longer a Christian nation and our freedom of faith was in serious jeopardy. I found myself nodding in agreement and wondering if the end was indeed coming.  Would we, as followers of Jesus Christ, soon be forced to take a mark of the beast as was prophesied?  Was the antichrist in our midst? Would we already recognize him by name?
I don’t know if these thoughts crossed your mind over the past 15 months, but they sure have crossed mine.  I truly wondered if this nation that was formed with Biblical principles was seeing followers of Jesus become a voiceless minority?  I knew that God would always be Sovereign and that the church has grown the most during times of persecution.  But I was beginning to believe there was a lack of faith infiltrating the U.S.
Then my family and I spent the day at Sea World San Antonio and a bit of hope was renewed.
Our first show was with dolphins and divers and booming in the background was the majestic Christmas classic, The First Noel.  I took in powerful words including the timeless truth that  “born is the King of Israel.”
We moved on to “Shamu Christmas Miracles.”  I was blown away by the bold message the narrative brought.  The video presentation posed the question, ‘What would it mean to believe in miracles like the Savior’s birth?”
The message of Christ was heard and seen all over the park, including a beautiful Nativity that had live singers offering Christian tunes to tell the story of Jesus birth.
I have always loved the Christmas season, but seeing the beautiful lights and the amazing animals, while hearing the songs of the season, all with my family, just did something profound in my heart.  A miracle was happening….is happening.  We do have hope.  We just need to be be bold and share that hope.
My son summed it up tonight.  “Jesus birth wasn’t just some ordinary miracle.  He is the greatest miracle you could ever have!”
Thank you Sea World San Antonio, for sharing joy and proclaiming our Savior’s birth!