A Special Letter from Jennifer Beck

I spent most of my Friday nights this fall videotaping football highlights for Sports Report.  I’d pack up a TV camera, batteries, and depending on the weather, between 1 and 5 layers of clothing, preparing to spend a few hours visiting football  stadiums all over northwest Ohio. While my die hard interest in sports isn’t quite what it use to be, I found there truly is something intoxicating about high school athletics. Maybe its the roar of the crowd, the sparkle from the stadium lights, the intensity of the high school football players, or a combination of all three– Football Friday Night has a definite meaning in this region. As an on-air personality at TV-44, it’s common for people in the stands to recognize me and say, “hi.” I enjoy these opportunities to connect with many of you, but I must admit, of all those football game interactions this fall, it was a conversation with a Dayton videographer that unexpectedly inspired me the most. “Are you the Christian station?” He suddenly asked me as we shared space along the football sidelines.  “I am so glad to see you here at this game. I am so glad to see your station doing well. Your station is needed. What an important contribution you all bring to the region.” He got it. He knew why we did what we did. In the big picture, it wasn’t just about the football game. It was about Jesus. Every time our TV station is involved with anything, we pray to be seen as representatives of Christ. As we continue raising money during our annual pledge drive, thank you for your financial partnership, which serves as a key factor to sending us into the region to serve as those representatives of Jesus Christ. We take it seriously. This truly is not a job for us. It’s a ministry– a ministry that we and you are carrying out together. I have yet to find anyone who disagrees on this statement: our community needs more opportunities to be influenced by Christ, and our young people definitely need those opportunities. Whether it be a sporting event, a high school music concert, or airing a nationally known pastor who’s message is just what the viewer needs that particular moment, TV-44 remains committed to sharing the gospel with all. We’re currently in the middle of our annual pledge drive, raising money for 2015 operating expenses. Our goal is $200,000 and as of this current writing, we’ve reached about $25,000. Every dollar you provide is an opportunity to know that your money is being used to reach out to the community in a positive way. It also goes toward our sports productions and our high school music and arts events, all unique ways that TV-44 desires to bring a positive difference to the region. I invite you to join us during this campaign with a one time or ongoing gift. Size does not matter. God sees your heart and uses your obedience for His glory! Donate Securely Online Today!

In Christ,

Jennifer Beck