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Join us as we paint the TV-44 Broadcast tower!
Each $100 gift sponsors one linear foot of the 650 ft. tower.

Paint the Tower Project Sponsorships

$65,000 to paint the 650 foot tower
$1000 gift paints 10 linear feet
$500 gift paints 5 linear feet
$100 gift paints one linear foot
$10,000 to install safety climbing device
$5,000 to perform other maintenance i.e. replace rusty parts, secure frayed cable
ends and add nuts to guy anchors.
Total Project Cost $80,000

Did you know the TV-44 tower…

• is the tallest structure in Allen County standing at 650 ft. tall, or 709 ft. with the top-mounted antenna
• is designed to withstand 89 mph winds or 40 mph winds while layered with 3⁄4 inch of ice.
• hosts a new Dielectric antenna weighing 8100 lbs and measuring 59 ft in length.
• Provides additional income for the ministry through rented antenna space for other communication companies
• has many natural enemies: wind, humidity, sun, ice,
pollution and even bird droppings.

The History

In 1982, the Stainless G-7 was purchased from WVTM TV of Birmingham, Alabama. The previously used tower was dismantled at a cost of $67,500; and the parts were transported 600 miles to Lima. The tower was then put back together on Baty Road at a cost of $25,500… just in time for WTLW’s sign-on, June 13, 1982.

The tower could not be reconstructed to its original height of 805 ft. due to FAA restrictions on flight paths surrounding the Allen County Airport. In 2000, the top-mounted Bogner antenna was struck by lightning and re- placed with a new Dielectric antenna. In 2019, WTLW moved to the channel 4 frequency and installed a new Dielectric antenna.

The Job

Like any paint job, preparation is vital for a durable finish. Climbers will first inspect the tower for rust spots, which we know to be too numerous to count. They will then scrub the spots with a steel brush and apply a rust-block primer. The light-gray finish coat will be applied with wool mittens.

Now is also the time to address other maintenance issues. Rusty cotter pins will be replaced at several levels; unraveled cable ends will be secured; and locknuts will be added to guy anchor U-bolts.

Safety First

Imagine hanging on a ladder hundreds of feet in the air while painting. This is not a typical paint job. A tower inspection recommends that a fall arrest system (safety climbing device) be installed along the 650 foot ladder as required by OSHA. Running up the entire height of the tower, this will increase safety for all those installing equipment or performing maintenance.

“Just like stretching out the years between house paintings, broadcast towers are painted on an “as need” basis. It’s been 20 years since the last coat, so we’ve gotten our mileage out of it. We shouldn’t wait any longer for a new coat.”– Jeff Klingler, Chief Engineer

“The tower is the “unsung hero” of TV-44’s transmission system; in fact, we would not be a TV station without it. As a nine-year board member and technician by profession, I believe maintaining the tower is a matter of stewardship.”– Chad Bryan, TV-44 Board Member, and Facilities Committee Member (9 years)

Grab a brush and join in the project!

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