Benjamin Rife

WOSN Manager

Benjamin Rife came to WTLW as an intern in the winter of 2010 and was hired in the spring of 2011 as the director of the stations newest production truck. He now serves as the WOSN Sports Producer, but still enjoys directing football and basketball games in Truck Two.

Originally from Greenville, Ohio, Benjamin did not grow up being able to view WTLW. After graduating from Xavier University he started looking for a job in live sports production and was disappointed in the type of working environment sports production fostered in the secular world. Unable to find a job, Benjamin moved back in with his parents and continued searching. One night, while watching TV, Benjamin found a high school basketball game on a channel he’d never seen before. A quick internet search revealed it was WTLW in Lima. Since there were no job openings at the station, he applied for an internship and proceeded to drive the 90 minutes from Greenville to Lima until a job opened. He still believes that God allowed WTLW’s signal to reach much further south than it normally does that night to draw him to WTLW.

Benjamin now lives in Lima and is newly married to his high school girlfriend (of 12 years). He is excited about the mission of WTLW and believes that WOSN and an integral part of reaching out to viewers in the greater Lima area.