Jennifer Beck

Director of Marketing


Jennifer Beck started her full time broadcasting career at the age of 19 and within 2 years, was an anchor for a top-rated daily news program.  But after several successful years in the news business, Jennifer heard God tell her He had other plans for her.  She resigned from her position in late 2001 to focus exclusively on the career of wife and mother, not the easiest switch for a woman who had never bothered to learn to cook.

Jennifer never could have predicted all God had planned for her after making that obedient decision to leave the career she loved.  She’s been a nationwide speaker, international writing teacher, highly acclaimed cook (!), and most importantly, a devoted wife and mother.

Jennifer never did fully leave the broadcasting industry, however. She serves as the Director of Marketing for WTLW and WOSN.  Above all, in every season of life, her desire is to be used by God to the fullest.