TV44’s Mission

WTLW exists to call unbelievers to Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord, to edify believers in the faith and motivate them to obey the teachings of Christ and to affect a Christian influence on our society through a well-rounded selection of programs.


The Nehemiah Fellowship

Please prayerfully consider joining those who have established the Nehemiah Fellowship and become a new Charter Member. Members will receive special updates from the station president and will be invited to attend an annual meeting of Fellowship members. (On-line submission form available below.)

Remember me,

o my God, for good!

Nehemiah 13:31



What is the The Nehemiah Fellowship?

The Old Testament prophet Nehemiah rallied his community to rebuild the broken city walls of Jerusalem, the walls that had once protected the city from their enemies. In the same fashion, the spiritual walls of our community need to be rebuilt and fortified, brick by brick. This work was begun at WTLW 30 years ago by dedicated individuals who recognized the power of the television medium to reach people for Christ. And, it must be continued by those families who live and work in this community. The Nehemiah Fellowship is a group of individuals who desire the Good News to be heard by future generations through WTLW, and who and have made a commitment to the future of the station through direct contribution to The Nehemiah Endowment, or by including WTLW in their estate plans.

Planning for the Future

A recent poll found that sixty-five percent (65%) of Americans do not have wills. Many cite the cost of legal assistance as a deterrent, yet probate costs typically far outweigh the fees to draft an estate plan. Procrastination may be the greatest threat to your economic security and that of your loved ones. With a valid, up-to-date will in place, you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing you have provided for those you care about most–and the charities that have meant the most to you over a lifetime.


There are two ways to provide for WTLW in your will or living trust.

To make a specific bequest, you simply state that WTLW is to receive a designated dollar amount or direct a certain property to the station. The second option is a residuary bequest. In this gift. WTLW receives a stated percentage of your remaining estate after payment of all specific bequest, debts, and costs of estate administration.


Bequests may result in a significant federal estate tax savings.

There are no limitations on the amount that can be deducted from your taxable estate in this fashion. Because tax rates are graduated – that is,the larger the estate, the greater percentage of tax owed – a bequest may reduce the percentage of estate tax owed on the remainder of your estate.


Insurance or Retirement Plan – an easy gift

The most common way to arrange a lasting gift to future generations is to list WTLW as one of your beneficiaries on your life insurance policy or retirement plan. By simply requesting a new beneficiary form from your insurance company or 401(K) or IRA, and designating a gift such as 5% from your policy, you can help ensure the future of local Christian television.



Sample Bequest Languagefor you to give to your attorney or place in your will:

I give to WTLW, Channel 44 (American ChristianTelevision Services, Inc.) the sum of _____ or _____% of the remainder of my estate to be used for broadcasting the Christian message to the communities of West Central Ohio.

WTLW 1844 Baty Road Lima, Ohio 45807 419-339-4444


One generation shall praise

your works to another and shall

declare Your mighty acts.

Psalm 145:4


Statement of Intent Form:

It is easier than you think to join The Nehemiah Fellowship. Contact your insurance representative or retirement account agency to complete a new beneficiary designation form, or work with your attorney to leave a bequest statement in your will. Then, simply complete this form and press “submit” and  you are a Charter Member of The Nehemiah Fellowship. No cash is necessary and no disclosure of details, only this Statement of Intent:



 I commit to leave a portion of my estate to fund the long-term needs of WTLW so it can continue Witnessing The Living Word to future generations.

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