The 10 Minute Bible Journey- Book Review


So, here’s the deal. I am busy. Like never ending, can’t get the laundry done, the bathroom needs cleaning, and oh, I’m running late to the volleyball game busy. I also work a full-time job as a TV host/marketing director, and we homeschool our kids. Things do not slow down ever…. and right now, as I am writing this review, my heart’s desire is to be home with my kids, but I can’t be. And it stinks.

You may recall a phrase several years back saying, “It takes a village to raise a child.” As a full time working parent, I have discovered that “It Takes a Well Trusted Faith-Based Village to Raise My Children.” Part of that village, for me, is quality literature that either I can read with my kids or my kids can read to themselves.

The 10 Minute Bible Journey, by Dale Mason (Master Books) is now part of that village.

This book is awesome! Colorful pictures. Interesting content. Scripture connections. And a reminder that daily prayer is a very important way to end any Bible study session.

I like this book.

Meaning….. I find the content information to be so interesting I just want to read it to myself; but in the end, it is designed for readers young and old. Thus, this is going to be a great book to share with my family.

I like the fact that the individual “stories” are interesting and engaging, yet continually make attribution to and connect with the Bible. The top deciding factor for me before purchasing any “Bible Story” book is how much it is aligned with the actual Scriptures. This one does an excellent job. (Please note, I use the word “story” in quotes because I don’t really want to call this a Bible storybook. It truly is more of a journey than a set of stories, just as the title suggests.)

The colorful pictures will draw a visual learner. The organized style will draw a reading/writing style learner. The engaging content will draw an auditory learner. And the sheer interest in the style of writing should be enough to also draw a kinesthetic learner.

So….it appears that The 10 Minute Bible Journey is a win-win-win-win. And what’s the biggest win? The fact that every chapter points the reader directly back to the Bible. My only request would be for the Scripture passages to be included in the book copy, therefore not having to rely on looking them up in a Bible (as it can be easy to skip over them when they’re not printed on the page.) However, I encourage anyone who reads this book to make sure that a Bible is always at hand, and that each chapter is treated like a mini study guide. I venture to guess parent and child will walk away thinking “I never really thought about it that way, but it really makes sense.”

-Written by Jennifer Beck, Faith & Friends TV Producer and Co-Host

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