27th Annual Community Easter Dinner Sponsored by the Ahl Family


Dozens of volunteers and hundreds of dining guests gathered at the Veteran’s Memorial Civic and Convention Center on Easter Sunday.

The annual Community Easter Dinner, now sponsored by the Tom Ahl family, was a bright and inviting gathering place in downtown Lima on the day celebrating Jesus’ resurrection.

“What better day than to gather together for a meal, than Easter? This is such an important day in our faith. Jesus rose from the dead and we want to celebrate it!” said Tom Ahl.

Attendees were fed food for their bodies and food for their soul. “Everyone leaving had the opportunity to receive a Bible and prayer,” said Tom. “We just really want people to know that Jesus is the way.”

Volunteers of all ages manned stations during the 11am-1pm dining hours. Some greeted guests and passed out trays and tableware. Others served food, assisted diners to their tables, cleaned, worked in the kitchen, or stood near the departing doors to offer prayer to all.

This was the 3rd year for the Ahl family to sponsor the Community Easter dinner, previously handled by the Ellis family. Tom Ahl says he and wife, Andrea, desire to give back to the community and share their faith with others. The Community Easter Dinner created a wonderful opportunity to do both.


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