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Tips to Stay on Track

#Fitfor2018: Tips to stay on track

A lot of time seems to go by once the new year starts, doesn’t it?! And with that time, our goals can easily be...
Transform your mind

#Fitfor2018: Transforming Your Mind

What do you think about when you hear “mentally fit”? I’m sure there are many perspectives to what that means for each person, but...
Health is the Topic, but Really, it’s Life.

#Fitfor2018: Health is the Topic, but Really, it’s Life.

What’s the key to tried and true weight loss? For many women, that question is continually unanswered, and only leads to more questions, frustration...
#Fitfor2018: A Fit Bible Reading Life

#Fitfor2018: A Fit Bible Reading Life

Does reading your Bible excite you? How often can we skip reading our Bible? These are the questions Jennifer Beck and Ashley Stuart discuss...

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Reading God's Word daily is one of the most important things we can do to be #Fitfor2018. Don't wait until next January 1st to start reading -- download our free plan to get started today!

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homemade bone brothvideo

#Fitfor2018: Bone Broth

Did you know that bone broth is one of the best defenses you can have against wintertime sicknesses? Making it at home is easy!...
#Fitfor2018: Healthy Food

#Fitfor2018: Healthy Food

As we continue with #Fitfor2018, it’s only natural that we’d move on to the topic of healthy food. In our super busy society, many...
#Fitfor2018: What's Holding You Back from Financial Freedom

#Fitfor2018: What’s Holding You Back from Financial Freedom?

A lot of people associate travel, adventurous activities, and freedom with money. Like, a lot of money. And it seems like people can easily...
#Fitfor2018: A Fit Prayer Life

#Fitfor2018: A Fit Prayer Life

Staying fit in 2018: this week we’ll focus on a fit prayer life. When Jennifer and Ashley sat down to talk about this idea,...