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Andy Lynch

Andy has been an integral part of our ministry since 2005. He also represents the District 8 Fellowship of Christian Athletes where he works as a force for change in the lives of area high schoolers.

District 8 FCA Banquet

District 8 FCA hosted its 5th annual U.S. Plastics Legends of Northwest Ohio banquet on July 15. Athletes that grew up in this area, returned...
Walking on Water

Walking on Water

Have you ever tried walking on water? I never had. In my mind, I knew it was impossible but when I actually tried to...

God’s Child

Did you know you are a child of God? We had a wonderful opportunity to have church on the beach a couple of Sundays...
God's Power is greater than Man's Power

God’s Power is greater than Man’s Power

I see power trips a lot. I'm sure you see them too. They are in our world today but it's nothing new. They have...
Finding the right person

Finding the right person

It's auction season for both TV-44 and District 8 FCA! It's fun to interact with lots of different people that drop their goods off...
Points of Life the Crowds.jpg

The Crowds

My Dad and I went to our 11th Indy 500 last month. I was mesmerized by the crowds. 300,000 people packed the Indianapolis...
Simplify | Andy Lynch's Points of Life | WTLW TV-44


Sunday, my Dad and I were with 300,000 people at the Indy 500. 24 hours later, we sat on the porch of a retirement...
Meet Austin Gardner

Meet Austin Gardner

Austin Gardner just wrapped up a successful college basketball career for the University of Findlay. While he was like many other student-athletes around the...

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