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Andy Lynch

Andy has been an integral part of our ministry since 2005. He also represents the District 8 Fellowship of Christian Athletes where he works as a force for change in the lives of area high schoolers.
What do you like

What do you like?

What do you like? Just like Facebook, Twitter allows you to 'like' things.  It could be a funny post, something that makes you think, or...
Green beans


We have some interesting conversations at the dinner table.  Yesterday, my 7-year-old Nathan was finishing his green beans and the following conversation took place. Leah:...
What do you want me to do for you

What Do You Want Me To Do For You

My friend and I are reading through Luke right now.  We take two chapters per day and then discuss what God is showing us.  I love how...
Tips for borrowing a donkey

Tips for borrowing a donkey

So many times as I read the Bible, I wish that I could have seen Jesus facial expressions as He walked this earth. As I...


Sometimes when I walk into a gym, people chant my name.  That's a really awesome feeling that used to go straight to my head. ...

Decisions — And Their Effects of Your Life

I try and spend as much unhurried time with my kids before bedtime so that we can read Bible stories and pray and just be...
Which Way Are You Reading Your Alarm Clock?

Which Way Are You Reading Your Alarm Clock?

Anna wanted a digital clock. After all, Nathan had one, and she was now 4 years old. So last week, we found an old...
Focus. Focus. The Importance of Focus.

Focus. Focus. The Importance of Focus.

Many times, as I arrive back to the TV-station from covering a few events, I will try and bring everything in from the car...

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