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Hannah Bowers

Hannah Bowers is a wife, mom, herbalist, and holistic health coach. She lives just outside Columbus. Psalm 19:14

Does Your Friend Group Really Matter?

You've probably heard it once or twice- you will become like the company you keep. But is that really true? On this...

Can you change God’s mind?

Here are some of the topics and questions presented to this week's Life Questions panel. "I have friends who are twins. Both...

Covid won’t end. I don’t how to continue handling the pressure!

Big topics with a lot of discussion on this week's Life Questions. 1. COVID. A woman writes to...

“Why did God take my brother-in-law?”

On this episode of Life Questions, the pastors answer the question, "Why did God take my brother-in-law?" When a loved one...

Do you struggle to forgive others? How about forgiving yourself?

This week's Life Questions features a new panel of pastors, discussing: -The End Times -Forgiveness -Family Estrangements...

Are the stories in the Bible really true? How do I...

Our panel is back for another week on Life Questions. They discuss the following: Is Jesus really God?...

Is Jesus really God? How is that truly possible?

An FCA Survey indicates many high school students struggle terribly with anxiety. What is the way out of this problem? In this...

Life Questions: Overcoming addiction of all kinds; ideas and encouragement.

Why are kids born to parents who don't love them? That's the question that was posed to our Life Questions panel....

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