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Hannah Bowers

Hannah Bowers is a wife, mom, herbalist, and holistic health coach. She lives just outside Columbus. Psalm 19:14

Life Questions January 10-16: Family Unity Despite COVID & Dealing with...

Topics discussed in this episode: "My church still hasn't gone back to in person services. Even though I realize it's important to...
Christmas Eve Services 2021 - wtlw.com

Christmas Eve Services 2021

Looking for a Christmas Eve service? Below, you'll find both in-person and virtual services from churches across NW Ohio.

ViewPoint with Bob Placie: Ministering to First Responders

John Revell is a Pastor and Author, however, that was just the beginning. John now serves his Eastern Connecticut suburb as the...

ViewPoint with Bob Place: Guest Jim Cantelon

Long time viewers of Christian television will recognize Jim Cantalone from his years hosting 100 Huntley Street and Talk to Me. But...

ViewPoint with Bob Placie: The Facts Of Our Faith

Dr. Frank Turek is the co-author of "I don't have enough faith to be an Atheist" Dr. Turek is founder of...

ViewPoint with Bob Placie: Overturning Roe v. Wade

On today's program Dr. Alan Parker of the Freedom Foundation joins Bob to discuss the ways the Supreme Court (SCOTUS) could overturn...

ViewPoint with Bob Placie: BLM & Pandemic & Prophecy

Black Lives Matter has become three words that a Columbus couple who also are Pastors believe are Holy words. But they also...

ViewPoint with Bob Placie: Are you getting enough rest?

S3 Ep5 Author, Saundra Dalton-Smith, MD found she was always tired no matter how much she slept. With years of clinical and...

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