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Hannah Bowers

Hannah Bowers is a wife, mom, herbalist, and holistic health coach. She lives just outside Columbus. Psalm 19:14

National Day of Prayer Live

Join us in corporate prayer as we pray over our city, state, and nation. Let us know you are praying with us...
Converge -

Converge Movement 2019

// Experience Converge 2019! TV-44 will be live streaming this year's conference during the following sessions: Friday, April 5 Evening

13 Years of Memories with Andy Lynch Show

Join us as we celebrate the many ways God has used Andy Lynch in Northwest Ohio through TV-44! We are sad to...

Viewpoint Extra: Full Interview Terry Dismore- Does God Heal?

This is the full, 33-minute interview. See a portion of it, along with other content, on the regular Viewpoint episode.
What is the purpose of setbacks? -

What is the Purpose of Setbacks?

Setbacks - or at least the things we would view as “setbacks” in our life - are unavoidable. An illness, a layoff,...

Dream On: Suenos Interview

Jennifer talks with Dream On World founders Ben Swartz & Jordan Powell about the 2018 Dream On Suenos event, as well as...
What is the purpose of waiting? -

What is the Purpose of Waiting?

I think the majority of our lifetime is spent in waiting. As children, we wait to grow up....
Patrick Kamler -

Meet Patrick Kamler!

Meet Patrick Kamler! Pastor by day, WOSN personality by night. He’s been part of the TV-44 family for over a decade filling various roles...

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