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Jennifer Beck

Jennifer Beck is a mom, wife, grandma, a swim parent, a homeschooling teacher, an athlete, a health-food junkie, a collector of clutter (not by choice) as well as a TV broadcaster & the Director of Marketing for TV 44.
I'm not alone

I Predict Plumb’s Next Hit: I’m Not Alone

Have you ever been in an emotional situation, in need of instant encouragement, when you turn on the radio -- only to hear the...

Lima’s 2nd Unity Service

I’m not always one to say I love Facebook. It’s a time stealer, and the Facebook app eats up the daily battery life on...
Trials, Naps, and Cancer

Trials, Naps, and Cancer

Trials, Naps, and Cancer I am more tired than I ever have been in my life, or at least any time I can recall in...
The Story of My Co-Worker’s Candy Dish

The Story of My Co-Worker’s Candy Dish

A small gift: Candy One of my co-workers keeps a heavily stocked candy jar on his desk. Ben’s gift of hospitality is evident in so...
The Adoption story of Andy & Leah Lynch

The Adoption Story of Andy and Leah Lynch

When Andy Lynch and his wife, Leah, married, they knew a family was part of their desired future plans; and today, they are a...

Safe Thus Far: An Interview with Author Brian Williams

“Why am I here? What is my purpose?” If you’ve ever found yourself asking God these questions, maybe you can gain some comfort from...
Giving Thanks: Community Thanksgiving Service at Forest Park UMC

Community Thanksgiving Service at Forest Park United Methodist Church

Have you said thanks this week? Since this is Thanksgiving week, there’s a good chance you have. It’s easy to say thanks. But think about this....

Why “God In Action”?

God In Action. Three relatively small words. But their meanings- powerful. Their meaning together in a phrase? Monumental. Overwhelming. Life changing. Truly- out of this world. God- Ultimate. Almighty....

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