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TV-44 exists to call unbelievers to Jesus Christ as their Savior, to edify all believers in their faith, to motivate each other to obey the teachings of Christ and to bring about a Christian influence on our society through a well-rounded selection of programs.
Happy Birthday Lola Rockholdvideo

Happy Birthday Lola

Lola Rockhold of Spencerville Celebrating her 100th Birthday Article prepared and presented by Beth Seibert, friend of Lola Rockhold It was a day of recorded fair...
Almighty Onevideo

Almighty One Athletics: Offer It Up

We know from numerous verses in the Bible God has a purpose for our lives. We have shared purposes God gives everyone as His...
What a surprise for Lima area pastorsvideo

What a surprise for Lima-area pastors!

Blessing Our Pastors! What a surprise for Lima-area pastors! As they gathered at Converge 2018, joining hands on stage, ready to pray for the Converge...

Watch the National Day of Prayer 2018 replay!

Watch the 2018 National Day of Prayer online! Note that for PC users, this stream will work best on Chrome or Firefox. iPhone users will...

Download our Chronological Bible Plan

Reading God's Word daily is one of the most important things we can do to be #Fitfor2018. Don't wait until next January 1st to start reading -- download our free plan to get started today!

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Detox Cabbage Soupvideo

Jennifer Tries Detox Cabbage Soup For The First Time

Join Jennifer in her personal kitchen one more time as she shares an experiment recipe with us for the first time: Detox Cabbage Soup....
The Food Pantry at County Line Church of the Brethrenvideo

The Food Pantry at County Line Church of the Brethren

During a recent Missions Sunday event, Jennifer Beck had a chance to get to know Jackie Meeker, organizer of the food pantry at County...
Jennifer Shares Her Healthy Berry Lemon Smoothie Recipevideo

Jennifer Shares Her Healthy Berry Lemon Smoothie Recipe

Join Jennifer in the kitchen as she shares her healthy berry lemon smoothie recipe! Breakfast! While it's up for debate as far as what's best...
Converge Movement 2018 1video

Converge Conference 2018

Have you joined the Converge Movement? Hundreds of students from across Ohio and surrounding areas gathered together to share the love of Jesus with Lima...

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