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Zach Bowers

Words Matter If You Want To Be Remarkable You Must Be Dependable.jpg

#WordsMatter: If You Want To Be Remarkable, You Must Be Dependable

When’s the last time you broke a promise? Okay, maybe it wasn’t a promise, maybe you just agreed to something that you didn’t actually...
Local Student Athletes Produce Commercials with TV-44

Local Student Athletes Produce Commercials with TV-44

Each year, the NWC Sportsmanship Committee and the West Ohio Sports Network partner to write, edit and produce public service announcements targeting students throughout...
Fellowship of Christian Athletes Fields of Faith 2017

Fellowship of Christian Athlete’s “Fields of Faith” 2017

Students from around the area gather for FCA’s Fields of Faith Students from schools all across the area gathered for the Fellowship of Christian Athlete’s...
Are you a growing Christianvideo

Are You A Growing Christian

The “Main Event” For many of us the moment we chose to place our faith in Christ is unforgettable. Between the flood of emotions and...

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