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Bucket List Blessings

Bucket List Blessings

It started more than 3 years ago, a tiny thought, planted inside her mind. That thought grew and started to form organization. The ideas got bigger. And then, it all became reality- a chance to give back to people in a way that they would never forget. The non profit ministry: Bucket List Blessings was born.

What is Bucket List Blessings?

It’s an opportunity in enhance a person’s life in a lasting, memorable, and maybe even life changing way. It’s a special opportunity to fulfill something on one’s bucket list that they never expected to happen.

Sara Cardone is the president, and brains behind the Bucket List Blessings Concept.

“Have you always wanted to go on a cruise? Maybe you’ve dreamt of driving a race car or going skydiving. Always wanted to meet a certain celebrity? Bucket List Blessings is here to help. Our mission is to reflect the love of God by showing that all things truly are possible. We aim to make your bucket list experience a reality.”

That’s the information you’ll find when you visit the organization’s website:

“We all have dreams or things we want to experience in life. But sometimes fulfilling them is not financially possible. We want to bless you with the opportunity to see your dreams come true, so you can cross it off your bucket list. Live life more fully and experience a life-changing adventure. With Bucket List Blessings, you can create memories for a lifetime.”

So, how does it all work?

First, determine where you fall in the process.

  1. Are you nominating someone for a blessing?
  2. Or, are you seeking a blessing yourself?
  3. Finally, are you making a donation so that others can receive a blessing?

Sara says step by step directions can be found at the Bucket List Blessings website.

Next, get inspired about why checking an item off a bucket list can have such lasting benefits. Watch our short video interview to learn more about the organization’s mission, vision, and key Scripture verse!

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