Minute of Inspiration

Jennifer Beck WTLW TV 44 Director of MarketingLife is hectic. A hectic life with God is manageable. How does our Heavenly Father influence and a guide despite so many obstacles in the day? In Minute of Inspiration, Jennifer Beck points you to the Bible and to our Savior.

Mozelle Saylor turns 105.

The Lima Baptist Temple Awana group enjoyed ANOTHER birthday celebration with their beloved "Granny." Mozelle Saylor might be the oldest person living in...

In the Community: Using Your Hobby for Ministry

On this TV-44 special, Jennifer Beck talks with Pastor Neal Whitney about his longtime passion for ice hockey. What once turned him into Jekyll...

Decision 2021: The Lima Mayoral Race

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5AJJOZNdYVc Jennifer Beck interviews each of the candidates for Mayor of Lima: Sharetta Smith & Elizabeth Hardesty. Each candidate was offered equal time, and...

Rockford Carry Out Blesses TV-44 By Organizing Fundraiser

When Tom Burtch heard about the SW Signal Project Fundraiser, he immediately went into action. Instead of handing out flyers or soliciting individual donations,...

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Until All Hear The Truth of Jesus…. Trisha Fissel and One-on-One Evangelism

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-zoiVnz8N6s Ohio resident Trisha Fissel will never forget the day she read the email. It was an invitation to attend the Christ for All Nations...

Lizzie Chung- Her Eyes are on God as She Pursues a Cure for MS

This 17 year old Delphos Jefferson senior has goals for her life. In May, 2022, not only will Lizzie Chung graduate from high school,...

LATA Tennis Camp Again a Success

After one year off due to the COVID-19 pandemic situation, the Lima Area Tennis Association returned to the Collett Street Courts to again offer...

Local Pastor Focusing on All Aspects of Health

About 4 years ago, Charlene Williams was struggling with her health.  She couldn’t lose weight.   She was looking for any answer, even considering bariatric...