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Minute of Inspiration

Jennifer Beck WTLW TV 44 Director of MarketingLife is hectic. A hectic life with God is manageable. How does our Heavenly Father influence and a guide despite so many obstacles in the day? In Minute of Inspiration, Jennifer Beck points you to the Bible and to our Savior.

Local Pastor Focusing on All Aspects of Health

About 4 years ago, Charlene Williams was struggling with her health.  She couldn’t lose weight.   She was looking for any answer, even...

Prayer at the Sunnydale House

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=86KAeOPKNs4 How often do you drive by a construction project and see prayer underway? As the walls came...

Jon & Michele Brockert: 24/7 On the Job for God

If you called or visited TV-44 in the past 9 years, or volunteered at the TV-44 auction, you very likely spent time...

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