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Minute of Inspiration

Jennifer Beck WTLW TV 44 Director of MarketingLife is hectic. A hectic life with God is manageable. How does our Heavenly Father influence and a guide despite so many obstacles in the day? In Minute of Inspiration, Jennifer Beck points you to the Bible and to our Savior.

What do you do when your schedule doesn’t work?

Did you make a resolution for the New Year? Many people resolve to read the Bible every day. Jennifer talks about why...

The Glittery Life of Sandy Rufener

Glitter. According to wikipedia.com, “glitter is an assortment of small, reflective particles that come in a variety of...

Jon & Michele Brockert: 24/7 On the Job for God

If you called or visited TV-44 in the past 9 years, or volunteered at the TV-44 auction, you very likely spent time...
Fitfor2018: How I Managed to Buy Nothing for an Entire Year

How I Managed to Buy Nothing for an Entire Year

I wasn’t planning to take on a challenge like this. I mean, who really wants to, or even can, go an entire year and...
Seatbelts Shirts and New Life Recovering from Cancer

Seatbelts, Shirts and New Life: Recovering from Cancer, Part 2

I recently passed a pretty big milestone. I was able to put a shirt over my head, by myself. I also was able to...
Taxes and marriage

Taxes and Marriage

Taxes: Splitting the Deductions Because of various issues (nothing bad) my husband and I are facing higher taxes due than expected. So, I decided to...
Dying to Self Saying Good Bye to My Mainstay Running.jpg

#DyingtoSelf: Saying Good Bye to My Mainstay

It was one of those days. The planning meeting ran long. Everything else in the work day took longer than planned too. My brain...
The Story of My Co-Worker’s Candy Dish

The Story of My Co-Worker’s Candy Dish

A small gift: Candy One of my co-workers keeps a heavily stocked candy jar on his desk. Ben’s gift of hospitality is evident in so...

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