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Points of Life

Andy Lynch WTLW TV 44 Anchor Reporter Producer FCA District 8 RepGod is the central person in my life. He has given me many stories that show how great He is. I look forward to sharing some of these stories with you. But, I also want this to be a two way street. I want to help with your struggles and hardships. I want to pray with you and for you. This can be a place where we can come together to talk about life's real issues. So let's begin the journey with my Points of Life. -- Andy Lynch

What happened when Andy was woken up by the garbage truck?

Awoken by the Garbage Truck

Right around 7am, the garbage truck woke me up. The windows were open and the sounds of hydraulics stopping and starting filled my room....


I'd like to give you a glimpse of my Wednesday morning. I was sitting at Bob Evans having a wonderful, deep, real conversation with a...
Happy Thanksgiving 2017

Happy Thanksgiving 2017

Thanksgiving Trials I lost my voice Friday. It's starting to come back, but it's not there yet. As I was writing the scripts for Friday's...
Points of LIGHT

Points of LIGHT

We talked about 'Light' this morning at our Columbus Grove Coaches Group. Jesus said in John 12:46, "I have come as a light into...
God's Power is greater than Man's Power

God’s Power is greater than Man’s Power

I see power trips a lot. I'm sure you see them too. They are in our world today but it's nothing new. They have...
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Sunday, my Dad and I were with 300,000 people at the Indy 500. 24 hours later, we sat on the porch of a retirement...
Any Lynch Points of Life Surprise


Can I share a secret with you? My wife and I have been keeping this secret from our kids for months, and tonight, we...
Points of Life Words from the Father

Words from the Father

One recent morning, Anna rushed into my room. She had woken up early from a bad dream. "I was falling off the edge of the...

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You are an ambassador!

You are an ambassador!

Finding the right person

Finding the right person

Are you ready?

Are you ready?