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Andy Lynch WTLW TV 44 Anchor Reporter Producer FCA District 8 RepGod is the central person in my life. He has given me many stories that show how great He is. I look forward to sharing some of these stories with you. But, I also want this to be a two way street. I want to help with your struggles and hardships. I want to pray with you and for you. This can be a place where we can come together to talk about life's real issues. So let's begin the journey with my Points of Life. -- Andy Lynch

Taking your place

Taking your place

It was a precious picture.  My son was sitting on the steps, 'taking a break,' because of something he did.  He was being punished...
You are an ambassador!

You are an ambassador!

Do you know what an ambassador is? I didn't fully get it until someone told me. What is an ambassador? According to Merriam-Webster's dictionary, an ambassador...
Points of Life - Others First

Others First

Part 5 in Andy's series on what he learned on a family vacation to Disneyworld. Today he'll look at how we should put others...

God’s Child

Did you know you are a child of God? We had a wonderful opportunity to have church on the beach a couple of Sundays...

How to start prayer journaling

Prayers don't always have to be verbal: they can also be written out. Download our beginner's guide to writing letters to Jesus.

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Lessons from Revelation

Lessons from Revelation

I was at the counter of a Mexican restaurant that I had never been to before. I craved the tacos and the beans and...
big surprise

The Big Surprise!!!

So what was the big surprise???? I've made you wait well over a week and if you hadn't guessed by my social media posts, the...


What a difference 24 hours make. For two full days, my kids were with my wife in Indianapolis.  I had some work to do but because...
Ambassadors, Part 2 - wtlw.com

Ambassadors, Part 2

A couple of years ago, I was playing a game with my kids when my phone 'dinged'. I had gotten a message. I was...

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Need Each Other

We Need Each Other

Finding the right person

Finding the right person

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