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Com_U N I T Y: Let Lima, Love Lima, Lead Lima

Com_U N I T Y: Let Lima, Love Lima, Lead Lima

Com_U N I T Y is happening in Lima

MaryBlanche Hengstler, Com_UNITY organizer: “We are about an Ephesians 4:4-6 ministry. Love one another, united our community in love instead of violence and to stop the violence that is going on. It’s about one faith, one Lord, one baptism; not about this denomination, or that denomination; or this race, or that gender. We’re all one.”

What is Com_U N I T Y?

MaryBlanche: “It’s a praise and prayer meeting. We come in and we praise, and then we read scripture, say a brief prayer and then we have a speaker. We have varying pastors, as well as councilmen, and tonight we had the Chief of Police, Kevin Martin. After that we have an open mic forum, so that anyone in the assembly gathered can make some comments, or they can give a testimony. We had a very powerful testimony last week form a previous violent offender. Then we finish with a congregational song, complete with another prayer, and Kathy Troccoli’s “Go Light Your World”, because the lyrics, to us, speak what community is all about.”

When are the meetings?

All events start at 6:30pm.

August 19: Hover Park- Back Shelter House

September 9: Martin Luther King Park- Shelter House

September 16: Robb Park- Shelter House

September 23: Faurot Park- Shelter House #1

September 30: Schoonover Park- Back Shelter House

How Can You Learn More?

Email MaryBlanche: Com_UNITY19Lima@yahoo.com

Follow on Facebook: Com_U N I T Y


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