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Converge Conference 2018

Converge Conference 2018

Have you joined the Converge Movement?

Hundreds of students from across Ohio and surrounding areas gathered together to share the love of Jesus with Lima at Converge 2018. With dozens of volunteers and live stream by our own station, we were excited for what God wanted to release over our city!

Day One: Chip Dean, North Point Worship, & Converge Choir

It began Friday evening with North Point InsideOut worship and guest speaker Chip Dean. The teens broke from the main stage at the Elida Fieldhouse and gathered into small groups for workshops at Elida High School. Each student had an opportunity to attend 2 different workshops. These were led by a variety of local pastors and volunteers who have a passion to teach from the Word of God. The topics ranged from the Evangelism to Christ-Centered Living.

Day one ended with a special choir performance of our local churches and it was something that was truly uniting. Friday closed with the Gospel message from Chip Dean and a final worship session.

Day Two: Guest Speakers, Operation Love Lima & Danny Gokey Concert

Next, day two began bright and early Saturday morning! The kids were excited and eager to join in connecting, hearing God’s word, and sharing the love of Jesus to the Lima community. The morning kicked off with a presentation of radio stations, colleges, and other ministries that came to engage the attendees with booths in the upper mezzanine of the Fieldhouse.

First, Amy Mauk spoke on her testimony of God’s redemption and goodness. She encouraged the kids to get rid of their secret sins and live in abundance for Jesus! It was truly a powerful word and such a timely message.

Greater Things for the City of Lima

Then, the teens broke off for another round of workshops and had lunch, before it was time to get into the heart of Converge: Operation Love Lima. There, students and volunteers work together to share the love of God with Lima and the surrounding community. The past three years Converge has partnered with local churches to hand out over 100,000 pounds of food to those in need and it was felt by the community.

Love Lima ended with a march around the city and gathered together at the Square in Downtown Lima. It was a moving time for the students, volunteers, and spectators who were lead in prayer and worship by local area Pastors. Chains were broken and people were united together.

A Movement of the Heart

Finally, the conference closed with Christian artist, Danny Gokey, who gave an incredibly moving concert. He encouraged the teens to take their pain to Jesus and exchange it with hope, as they walk deeper into their relationship with Christ.

Guest speaker, and former Navy Seal, Chad Williams gave a powerful testimony of living without performance and what it means to truly repent. His message invited a Gospel Skit by Converge and a response time of accepting Jesus as their Savior. It was a remarkable wave of God that moved so many hearts. With tears, worship, and repentance, lives were changed and set free! Converge ended with a challenged by Buck Sutton from Teens for Christ. Buck encouraged them to take their new strength outside the doors and continue the movement inside their schools and community.

Will We See You Next Year?

Converge is a youth conference for students in grades 8-12 that focuses on unifying area ministries and churches under the banner, “One Body, One Mission, One God.” It has become the largest youth conference in Ohio and continues to bring together the Body of Christ to reach our city and the surrounding communities for the cause of Christ. If you have a chance to attend as a teen or volunteer, we encourage you to experience the movement!

For more information about the conference, operation: Love Lima, or future events, click here!

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