A viewer writes, “As a divorced person, born again person, am I forbidden to ever remarry? Does God still see me as married until death (of either one of us) as I vowed? If I did remarry, would I be causing another to commit adultery? When I study the Word on this subject, that’s been my understanding.” On this week’s Life Questions, the panel discusses divorce, God’s opinion on it according to the BIble, and if it’s okay to remarry.

Other topics on this show:

  • Baptizing infants: Is that Biblical? Sprinkling or immersion?
  • Catholism: Rituals & Purgatory. A viewer reflects on his Catholic upbringing and shares concerns about both.


  • Brad Taylor- Lima Community Church
  • Neal Whitney- The Church at Allentown
  • Darwin Hartman- Pike Mennonite
  • Jason Goss- The Wapak Church


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